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WOHNRAUM FÜR ALLE? – Squat Activism in Germany


This on-going photo documentary follows a political activists group in Freiburg, Germany, called Die WG – Wohnraum Gestalten (Create Living Space). The group finds empty houses and apartments listed on political party websites, such as Leerstandsliste, and occupies them for a short period of time as a protest form. The squat action is intended to attract attention to the media on the rising number of empty houses in Freiburg, and to put pressure on local political parties to finding a solution for the rising costs of rent and housing in the city. 


The project intends to expand on the topic of radical leftist political movements in Germany, and explore the dynamics of their social and environmental activism. 


Since the end of 2018, Die WG organized three house squats in Freiburg, which are being re-squatted until now, the houses are Klarastraße 17, Mozartstraße 3 and Gartenstraße 19.

SENILE CITIES – Exploring Depopulation of Croatia


Senile Cities is a long-term analogue photo documentary project that is a modern day diary of Croatia's towns and cities, particularly those in Slavonija county in east Croatia, being left behind by youth who are emigrating in masses to neighbouring European countries in search for a better life, mainly driven by the economic situation. Leaving behind an ageing population, an economy in ruins and a political system lagging behind in the race for a borderless European union, caught in the shadow of the slowly decaying remains of post-communist Yugoslavia. These photos are an introduction to a project in progress. I follow my grandmother, Milena Filipović, as she runs her daily errands, in an attempt to see Požega's ageing society and economy through her.


A unique skateboard workshops project initiated by Mark Grasy and John Perkinz, in the potter community of Old Cairo. In collaboration with Darb 1718 Contemporary Arts & Culture Centre, who offered the space for the workshop. And with the help of German photographer, Jo Hempel, who gathered a donation of skateboards from skateboarders in Germany.

Southern Cairo, Egypt, 2015.