SENILE CITIES – Understanding Depopulation in Croatia


Senile Cities is a long-term multi-sited analogue documentary project that looks at Požega, an Eastern Croatian town in Slavonija County, which has been going through a major demographic shift. Since Croatia became an EU member state in July 2013, masses of young Croatians have left for other economically strong countries, like Germany and Ireland, to seek a better life and future. The Croatia that is being left behind is ageing, and as a result, social and economic structures are dramatically changing.


The future of the project will follow protagonists affected by Croatia's depopulation phenomenon, who have taken different 

approaches in dealing with the situation at hand. The protagonists include a 55-year-old caretaker of senior citizens over the age of 70, a young couple who left Požega, Croatia, in 2016 for Munich, Germany and young members of the community who still live there.


The analogue photos you will see in this portfolio are of my grandmother, Milena Filipović (81). I follow her as she runs her daily errands in town, in an attempt to see Požega’s changing state through her.

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