Adriatic Ancients

A poem dedicated to the ancients reincarnated today, in the Adriatic and Dalmation salty mountains. And the beat generation, I think of you. In your madness, your freedom, your truth.


Radical red rod

of the ephemeral mountain

seeking light

at the end of the deep

dark tunnel

A cave more majestic

than i could have ever known

I jinx the Ginsberg truth

“Follow your inner moonlight

don’t hide the madness”

We peaked

We dove

We swallowed

our pits


For you

The Dalmatian giant

The sweetest fruit

on a sea-salt swept

ancient fig tree

Born by your ancestors

uprooted by your hardheaded Monogamy

Because of you

I borrow from Burroughs

His beat-ing rationale

To “exterminate

all rational thought”

Because of you

I am freer in my madness

In the tick-tocks of my knicks

and all the Kerouacs buried

inside of me

Apr. 27. 2019