Point of flight

of slack

and dive

two way mirror

leave nothing behind...

Aug. 04. 2019


Radical red rod

of the ephemeral mountain

seeking light

at the end of the deep dark tunnel

A cave more majestic

than i could have ever known

I jinx the Ginsberg truth...

Apr. 27. 2019

Trogir Croatia.jpg

Out of focus

Hanging on the line

Just like you

Just like me

Apr. 26. 2019


Being the you in the I

In the eye of love

Bruised by the cross

jagged bowl of hearts

Jigsawed in the lining of your

fingertips ...

Mar. 24. 2019


You are withering away

my love

as a white yarrow dies golden

in the relentless heat

of a summer drought...

Sep. 01. 2018

000000030002 (1).jpg

The sky has split

its face into two

shades of equally

mesmerising hues

the first carries your weight...

Aug. 25. 2018


Write me your empty thoughts

on a piece of passing wave

mail it to the milkman

pass it down generations

down time’s empty drain...

Aug. 20. 2018


To build a home

small enough for two

out in the woods

in on the world

big enough to cradle

Aug. 18. 20198



in the inner workings of your mind claustrophobic

in the tight space

you imagine there to be...

Aug. 17. 2018


There is a piece of land hidden in the curved & twisted hills

of the Black Forest

People arrive in bundles & in twos Escaping the eery lives of their hometown blues...

Aug. 11. 2018


He puffs

he huffs

down goes the dragon in the dungeon of your time


Aug. 07. 2018

Bremen train station_.jpg

He appeared in the shadow

of a friend of mine

weary heart

golden smile

stumbling and stuttering the night through


Aug. 04. 2018


I am a child

back to what I always wanted to be

curled in laughter dreaming of the hereafter

I run into the memory of the ever-existent you...

Sep. 27. 2010


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